Why JUMP Math?


Some have noted the prevalence in this course of examples from JUMP Math and wondered whether the course can be applied to other resources. The short answer is that the RaPID model may be applied to any lesson and any resource. Our own research was based on classrooms using JUMP Math, which is why so many of our examples are drawn from that resource.

With that said, using a well-raveled resource was key to the project. It’s possible (though difficult) for a teacher to ravel mathematical content (at least for a particular grade level) without the support of a resource or with the support of a resource (JUMP Math or otherwise) that leaves much of the responsibility for long-term raveling to the teacher. We have found that identifying and weaving together the fine-grained discernments that are central to the RaPID model is a monumental undertaking that requires extensive pedagogical content knowledge of mathematics. For these reasons, we consider a well-raveled resource to be an essential partner for a skilled and artful teacher.

Furthermore, important elements of the RaPID model were drawn from JUMP Math principles—particularly in terms of identifying fine-grained discernments, starting where all learners can succeed, and advancing quickly by focusing on one new thing at a time. In turn, its resources have been influenced—and continue to be influenced—by the findings of Math Minds, particularly with regards to clarifying critical discernments and making explicit use of variation pedagogy. Ongoing conversation between JUMP Math writers and Math Minds researchers form a rich feedback loop that works in both directions.

Although the RaPID model can be applied to whatever resource you are using, some teachers have commented that it would be helpful to see more of the context of some of the lessons we discuss in the course. Given that JUMP Math is a not-for-profit charity, teacher resources are accessible with the creation of a free JUMP Math account.

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