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  • The careful use of contrast in these tasks significantly impacted my learning in a positive way. It made it much easier to solve the problem by seeing a pattern and using my prior knowledge based on what I got in the previous question.

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    From the ideas pertaining to Prompting, a large impact to student learning comes from offering tasks that require learners to engage with each new discernment first separately, and then together. This allows students to feel more comfortable with the content and actually be able to apply the knowledge they just learned in an effective manner.

  • I look forward to using and incorporating the RaPID Model into my lessons because I feel it will help my students get the best out of their learning experience. I feel like it will also enhance their overall relationship with education and learning, especially Math, and help them feel confident in their performance and comprehension.

  • My experience working through the sequence of slides for dividing by 5 became more positive as I progressed. Each slide made it easier to understand the next one, and the colour coding was very helpful in how I would orient my thoughts. Some slides were more difficult than others, therefore, it was helpful to be able to go back and review to…Read More

  • One point on the map that resonates with me the most is Lifelong Learning because it is important for students to understand that they are constantly learning, even when they are outside the classroom. This point is also in the bubble of Activity- and Experience-Focused Discourses which I find I learn best through hands-on activities, physical…Read More

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