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  • The contrasts provided between the tasks allowed me to focus my attention on key differences in the tasks. It allowed me to move through each task in the engagement quicker. It forced me to focus on use my prior knowledge, such as the previous task, while also understanding how the previous task now differs from this one.

  • Steps are much more limited to procedures that are narrow and in order to understand a step you often need to draw on a number of discernments. Discernments are much more about perception and how we come to understand a concept while a step is simply an act needed in order to get to a certain goal/point of completion. When playing lightbox you had…Read More

  • Using various resources educators are able to effectively prompt students attention towards particular discernments, as resources can allow students to see examples, explanations, and/or questions related to what they are learning up which will ultimately allow for greater engagement. When educators use resources that are well-ribboned lesson they…Read More

  • Going through the sequence of slides for dividing by 5 I found that the slides were well ribboned together, whereby each slide was building off the slide prior in a manner that was easy to follow. Following each of the white slides/critical discernment slides came a blue slide which allowed for engagement with the said critical discernment.…Read More

  • I personally resonated the most with the point on the map titled “Cultural-Historical Psychology” found within the Collectivist Learning Theories bubble. I personally believe in looking at learning and development using an intersectional approach, an approach that acknowledges the presence of various domains/influences on ones life, including…Read More

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