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  • As I work through this unit, I’ve come to realize the importance of actively recognizing the critical aspects in each lesson for better understanding of a concept. I conscientiously began coming up with other ways for students to solve a problem each time, and it has helped me try to deliver a more relatable way for them to solve the problem. I…Read More

  • The importance of collaboration is outstanding and extremely powerful. Students used to be disciplined to work independently and now it is proven to motivate students, self educate, and encourage the conversation of how they are processing their understanding that can actually assist other students in their learning.

  • I think the Type A (traditional) contemporary obsessions resonate and challenge thinking and getting students to find the patterns. I find this quite thorough.

  • 1.2 Rapid Model
    After watching the Rapid Model, I could see the amount of math conversations and different learning moments that will be presented. I can see that getting through to differing learning styles is more approachable as the scaffolding, breaking down numbers to solve problems can build confidence to actively understand a new concept.

  • My first impressions are that it is really good to be reminded how the brain works when learning. The way I was taught is very different to how I teach now. Everything was based on facts and drills, and very little discussion. It took me a while to change the way I was taught and turn it around to be the teacher, to be more visual and to make…Read More