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    Morgan Weber started the topic Unit 1.2 in the forum Course Discussions

    It is very difficult to completely change the way you think about math. We go through years of math courses where every year they build upon previous math knowledge, and you are expected to update the way you do math. It feels strange to almost undo all of that and try to go back to the basics, but I am eager to try it. It is not going to be easy,…Read More

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    Morgan Weber started the topic MMOC in the forum Course Discussions

    I think I lie within a lot of the association-making strategies. I find things a lot easier to comprehend when I can associate them with previously learned concepts and make connections between ideas in my head. This quite often makes harder concepts easier because I can break them down in my head. I hope to become more educated about all of the…Read More

  • As a student just coming into a lot of teacher education courses, I wasn’t really sure what my stance was on teaching mathematics, other than I wanted to be a better math teacher than some of the one’s I was exposed to. I wanted to help my students understand math, and not be afraid of it like I was. Working through the five principles has really…Read More