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  • My resource supports my efforts to use the RaPiID model since it uses a step by step approach. I found this experience to be approachable since it is a very methodical way of approaching a problem.

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    I personally really enjoyed the slides and working through each problem using this approach. It was very different from other approaches I have used in the past, and might take a bit of getting used to. I believe after a bit of time using this approach I will find it much more effective.

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    Maddi Rogers started the topic 1.1 Map in the forum Course Discussions

    What points on the map most resonate with your own beliefs and practices?
    Do they cluster in a particular area of the map?

    The points on the map that most resonate with my own beliefs and practices is the part that connects self-regulated learning to learning styles theories and cognitive styles theories. I find that self-regulated learning…Read More

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    Maddi Rogers started the topic MMOC 1.1 in the forum Course Discussions

    In what ways do the five Math Minds principles resonate with your current views about teaching and learning mathematics?
    In ways do they challenge your current views?
    In what ways do they prompt you to think about things you may not have considered before?

    The five math minds principles resonate with my current views on teaching and learning…Read More