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    Kristiana Anania started the topic 1.2 Question in the forum Course Discussions

    How would you describe your experience working through the sequence of slides for dividing by 5?

    While working through the slides, I noticed that it was much easier for me to follow along since it broke down each step carefully. Each slide built ideas upon each other, which is similar to scaffolding. And by the end, I felt accomplished and proud…Read More

  • One point on the map that connects and resonates with my own beliefs and practices regarding teaching is Social-Emotional Learning. I believe that this type of learning is extremely important for students to understand and practice since it can help them figure out how they feel and how they should respond to that feeling. Also, Social-Emotional…Read More

  • In what ways do the five Math Minds principles resonate with your current views about teaching and learning mathematics? In ways do they challenge your current views? In what ways do they prompt you to think about things you may not have considered before?

    In regards to Principle #2, it resonates with my current views about teaching and learning…Read More