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  • Did the careful use of contrast in any of the tasks you engaged in during this session impact your learning?

    I thought it was interesting how each question was different, yet some gave the same answer. It goes to show that all student’s brains think differently, and they may understand something better if it is represented in different ways–…Read More

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    Jackie Campbell started the topic 1.3 in the forum Course Discussions

    When playing Lightbot and working through the addition puzzles, could you feel how the experience of gradually integrating discernments is different from mastering a sequence of steps?

    Yes, the experience of gradually integrating discernments helped me to understand better how the program worked. Each level built upon what was learned in the…Read More

  • How would you describe your experience working through the sequence of slides for dividing by 5?

    I had a very positive experience working through the slides for dividing by five. I have always been comfortable with multiplying and dividing large numbers, but it was definitely interesting to see another perspective. I think the ways that were…Read More

  • What points on the map most resonate with your own beliefs and practices? Do they cluster in a particular area of the map?

    The directive pedagogies (e.g., elaboration theory, communication theory, learning styles theory) resonate with my own beliefs and practices and are located primarily on the left side of the map.

  • In what ways do the five Math Minds principles resonate with your current views about teaching and learning mathematics? In what ways do they challenge your current views? In what ways do they prompt you to think about things you may not have considered before?

    The five Math Minds principles align quite well with my view about teaching and…Read More