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  • Hello,

    Still going through Unit 1 with a lot of interest, still stimulating and makes me think a lot.
    I’ve came accros two minor bugs :

    1) In video “Part 25 of 43 C. Prompting as Telling?” the voice over repeats itself from 0:40 to 1:10 and from 1:10 and following ;
    2) The link to this forum in “Part 31 of 43 I. Framework For Planning &…Read More

  • Hi,

    Using already Variation Theory ideas in my teaching I’m looking in the RaPID model for :

    1) The formative assesments interleaving with the raveling phases.
    2) How to manage high achievers Ss with extension/bonus question without slowing down later the whole group for giving them specific feedback and corrections.
    3) Using a Moodle…Read More

  • Hello,

    I’ve noticed that the slides n°3 and n°10 are the same (the n°10 should be the answers of the division by 25 of slide n°9).
    A very clear exemple to me of the parse an pace aspects of the RaPID model through constructive variations and engaging assesment evenly distributed all along the sequence. I was already using variation theory in my…Read More