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  • When using the Lightbot app and working through the discernment problems, I found I understood the information much better after each level was completed. This is because as the puzzle or the problems added more details and direction, all information that was retained from the previous levels was intertwined with it. I found it much easier to…Read More

  • I liked how the slides were colour-coated and organized. This helped me visualize the steps of division and complete it step-by-step. I never liked division much since I thought it was too difficult, however, I found this was a great outline for me to follow along with!

  • I like everything involved in the Psyche-Focused Discourses section, which covers quite a large area on the map. I think the Psyche-Focused Discourses are crucial as it covers some important aspects of learning: self (well-being, mindfulness, identity and personal agency) and group (collaborative). I think developing your self-identity and having…Read More

  • The Math Minds principles opened my eyes, as I always believed that I wasn’t strong in math and not a “math person”. I realize now that maybe the information taught to me wasn’t taught effectively or in my learning style. I found Principle 3’s “working memory” specifically resonated with me and brought me back to my math days because I always felt…Read More