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    I enjoyed learning about the different strategies to divide by 5. When I am solving problems, I use the traditional method to solve. When given a problem where the divisor is missing, I usually just multiply the dividend by the quotient to find the missing value. It was interesting to see other methods because when I am a teacher I will need to…Read More

  • I really like the ideas on the map of collaborative learning, active learning and learning by teaching. I am in favour of students working together to problem solve because they will learn from each other. In addition, while working together and explaining concepts/ ideas in small groups both the listener and speaker will benefit. One way to know…Read More

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    Eric Baranoski started the topic MMOC 1.1 in the forum Course Discussions

    Principle 2&3 really resonated with me when they described the learning process for math as an ecosystem. I think the traditional way of teaching can be problematic at times because when we think of the brain as a container or a computer it puts limits on the amount of knowledge that can be gained. Also, teachers often provide too much information…Read More