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  • Personally, I couldn’t apply anything but I could reflect on them and compare them to my prior biases and attitudes towards teaching math. I like how the “decide” portion of “PID”, talked about not repeating explanations that didn’t work or are unnecessary. This is something I think we need to work on as future teachers. We have to be willing to a…Read More

  • In my experience of going through the slides for dividing by 5, I found that each slide was well incorporated and added new knowledge and information without making it too overwhelming. It took me in a step-by-step process to build my understanding.

  • After exploring the map and looking at some of the theories that my teaching philosophy would be aligned with, I found out that I would be on the “embeddedness” part of the map where coherence discourses and interpreting learning sections can be found.

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    The five Math Minds principles have challenged what I know about math as a student and as a teacher. I used to believe that you are either a “math person” or a “non-math person”. Principles 2 and 3 challenge this through cognitive science where we should start to look at brains as ecosystems where there is no limit to the potential we have.
    I…Read More