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  • It made me even more so the power and effect contrast has in highlighting critical discernments.

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    Brendan Greiner started the topic 1.2 in the forum Course Discussions

    My experience was quite pleasant going through the slides. I found the way that it built slowly and ribboned effectively very helpful to my learning of the content.

  • I would say I see myself closest to the association making strategies section, more specifically the conceptual metaphor theory. For me I always resonate through a interconnectedness in learning. I think the human mind longs to make a connection with something familiar to form some sort of grounding and understanding and when a tool such as a…Read More

  • math minds principles really helped me to understand the importance of pacing and spacing learning in regards to working memory. Thinking back to when I was in school I always struggled when the teacher was going way to fast in a lesson and did not allow the proper time to use the principles taught and get comfortable with them before moving onto…Read More