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  • This is a powerful strategy that I was introduced to in Beyond Monet: The Art and Science of Instructional Design by Barrie Bennett. Concept attainment was the strategy I used in the classroom. I observed the difference in my students ability to articulate the why behind a certain event in social studies for example vs just recalling the date of…Read More

  • Working through the addition puzzles was an effort to focus on the discernments rather than a sequence of steps and procedures. It caused me to slow down, make some notes as needed, do some more and then being more deliberate with the next questions.

  • I currently do not teach but work with teachers and principals to support learning and leading in the classroom. I am excited that our school division will be participating in a pilot program with 5 of our schools next year. I will circled back to the posting to share stories of student learning, teacher growth and all that goes with co-leading a…Read More

  • Often a resources is considered by math teachers as the manipulative, or the text book, or the student workbook and time allow with effort are spent making sure the resource is quality. The emphasis is on the material or the program rather the learning and teaching relationship. This is the quality resource… the interaction between student and…Read More

  • Patterns, patterns and more patterns…. having a picture of the division of numbers using the base 10 block emphasized the connections to the abstract algorithm. creating the sequence of division by introducing increased place value provides an opportunity to build confidence with the pattern. I appreciated the intention behind the reflection…Read More

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