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  • After completing this unit, I’ve come to realize the importance of actively distinguishing the critical discernments in each lesson for better understanding of a concept. I began coming up with a list of discernments required to solve a problem each time, and it has helped me gather previous knowledge required to solve the problem. I feel that…Read More

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    I like how my resources clearly explain concepts, making it easier to learn. However, it is difficult to make the adjustment to think about problems differently that the way I was previously taught to solve them.

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    Angelina Le started the topic First Impressions in the forum Course Discussions

    The five Math Minds principles made me realize that often times in school, math can be very overwhelming due to the amount of information thrown at students at a time. Principle 3 demonstrates the need for teachers to adjust the pace of the lesson to the student’s learning rather than jumping to the next task. It is also important to allow for…Read More