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    Amy Jevne

    I’m excited to hit the ground running on my first teaching position with these principles in mind. When hearing it all spelled out this way it just makes so much sense. I am not sure if I was ever taught linear relations in such a simple, yet incredibly effective, way. I can already tell that this course will help me teach math in a much better way than it was taught to me. I see no reason to not align our teaching methods with the most current learning psychology research. This was such an elegant way to teach this concept.

    Ashley Hoisington

    I feel really excited to use these principles and strategies to teach math going into my first year teaching. I never considered myself to be a “math person,” but I feel that my own personal feelings about math would have been drastically different if the teaching approach was done like this.
    When the videos spoke about linear equations and graphing I instantly felt my anxiety rise with panic about math, but after going through the process I feel much more confident and I understand it in a way I didn’t before! I can’t wait to shift my math teaching to align with these principles so my students can feel this same relief and boost in confidence!

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