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    Martina Metz

    How would you describe your experience working through the sequence of slides for dividing by 5?

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    Dominique BODIN


    I’ve noticed that the slides n°3 and n°10 are the same (the n°10 should be the answers of the division by 25 of slide n°9).
    A very clear exemple to me of the parse an pace aspects of the RaPID model through constructive variations and engaging assesment evenly distributed all along the sequence. I was already using variation theory in my teaching but mostly in the exercises and less in the lesson section of one unit. This encourages me to reconsider.

    Thanks for this course,
    Dominique BODIN

    Martina Metz

    Hi Dominique,

    Thank you for catching that and letting us know! It will be fixed in the next upload.

    It’s nice to hear that you’re finding elements of the course to be provocative.


    Brooke Senek

    Working with the RAPID model was hard for me at first. I need a lot of practice to fully grasp a concept. This will be something I will continue to practice so that I am able to understand it.

    Danielle Calder

    This model is challenging and will take a lot of practice to understand fully.

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