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    Martina Metz

    What points on the map most resonate with your own beliefs and practices? Do they cluster in a particular area of the map?

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    Sarah Richards

    It was very enjoyable exploring the map. If I had to choose two it would be: Non Trivial Constructivism and Collectivist Learning Discourses. But things could change. Does ‘Zone Theory of Child Development’ in red mean you think that Vygotsy’s theory of proximal development is unsupported by evidence? Or does this refer to something else?

    Martina Metz

    Glad you asked. The Zone Theory of Child Development claims to be based on Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory (including his zone of proximal development, or ZPD), but it’s framed in terms of learning-as-attainment, which is inconsistent with Vygotsky’s work. In short: ZPD is green. ZPCD is red. Check out the (green) entry on “socio-cultural theory” for the real Vygotsky.

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