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    Isabella Favero

    The five Math Minds principles resonate with my current views about teaching and learning mathematics because they provide a guide to teach effectively, and in a way to benefit all students. For example, learning about working memory is helpful to me as a future teacher. Learning this leads me to think that it would be effective to take breaks during a math lesson. It is also important to reflect on how all students will have different working memories and different needs for that math lesson.
    Principle #4 displays that the human mind is attuned to change. I think this is similar to the concept of growth/fixed mindset. It is important for both the teacher and the student to understand that our learning is not limited.

    I believe that I reflected the most on principle #5. Although the concept of building on known or ‘old’ concepts is not new to me, I think it may be one of the most effective strategies to use as a math teacher. Building off previous knowledge from the last lesson, unit, or grade allows students to notice similarities in mathematics and create connections to principles and logic they have already experienced.

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