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    Mackenzie Phelps

    The five Math Minds principles have really opened up my eyes to the various critical aspects necessary in teaching math. I personally have never had the best relationship with math, always finding myself struggling with it at different points in my educational career. Though the mode of educational thinking/metaphor that the brain is an “ecosystem” and as students we are constantly interpreting and co-evolving and as teachers we are juxtaposing and orienting awareness to our learners is such an important principle to apply in teaching. I personally do not feel like this was applied in my experience as the student learning math when I was in elementary school. Using specific structure and format to assist students in their learning by introducing a topic and immediately following with an engagement so the student is interacting and truly understanding, is much more effective than just processing an overload of information and left to remember everything afterwards. I will most definitely use what I have learnt from this lesson as a teacher to successfully teach math material.

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