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    Brookelyn Domingos

    A few points on the map that stood out to me are mindset, learning-by-doing, active learning, self-talk, and mindfulness. Most of them come from the area of ‘identity discourses’, which I think I picked many from here because of my past experiences with math. As I did well in math up until grade 10, when I then started to significantly struggle, I mostly had a positive mindset about it and was active in my learning, until I started to struggle and had a negative mindset regarding math. I think that a lot of my math struggles come from my mindset, which can relate to being disengaged (not practicing active learning or mindfulness), as well as self-talk. What this means for me is that I believe a part of math is showing students a more positive mindset, including the importance of making mistakes and also understanding those mistakes, as well as being engaged in the work.

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