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    Nicholas Teti

    The five Math Minds principles resonate with my current views about teaching and learning mathematics, as I am in agreement with how these principles interact with eachother. I have noticed that each principle builds on the next and if you as a teacher can comprehend and follow these principles, you will be better able to effectively teach math. In reflection of my own math journey, I never truly grasped the basic concepts of the lessons given to me. I believe this was because I was given so much work with so little time to practice the material. Thus, I predominately relied on memorization, when I should have been given the chance to identify the logistics and principles. This also relates to the topic of working memory. Due to the amount of work thrown at me during the lessons, my mind wasn’t able to fully grasp the basics of the material being taught. This structuring inquiry has made me reflect on the ways that I was taught math in school and how I will strive to incorporate these principles to promote better student success.

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