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    Anthony Macavei

    In what ways do the five Math Minds principles resonate with your current views about teaching and learning mathematics? In ways do they challenge your current views? In what ways do they prompt you to think about things you may not have considered before?

    After learning about the five principles of mathematics from Math Minds, I believe that my view on teaching and learning the subject has changed drastically. Before, I believe that both learning and teaching mathematics were straight-forward concepts. Essentially, it was to: learn the correct formula, plug in the appropriate numbers that were needed to solve the problem in the formula, then proceed to use the formula (with the numbers) to achieve the correct answer. Teaching mathematics was having knowledge of knowing the formulas and being able to guide students in using the correct formula for a problem. However, now that I’ve gone through the five principles, I’ve noticed that there is much more to understand about teaching and learning mathematics. More so for teaching, it’s critical to understand how the mind works. Memory and how students visualize a problem and the route they take to the solution can better help a teacher interpret how a student thinks and how they’ve come up with their solution.

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