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    Maddi Rogers

    In what ways do the five Math Minds principles resonate with your current views about teaching and learning mathematics?
    In ways do they challenge your current views?
    In what ways do they prompt you to think about things you may not have considered before?

    The five math minds principles resonate with my current views on teaching and learning mathematics because they explain how the brain comprehends mathematics. For example, principle three states that working memory is limited. This resonates with me since I find that I need to complete certain parts of problems before continuing to learn the next steps. This proves that my working memory is limited. The one principle that challenges my current views is that minds link overlapping events. I often find that sometimes I do not make the proper connections in mathematic lessons that allow my brain to overlap learning experiences. The principles all prompt me to think about thinks I may not have considered before since I am not used to thinking about how my brain works during mathematic learning and activities. I usually just focus on the learning instead of thinking about how I am learning.

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