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    Lindsey Efremidis

    Growing up in grade school I loved math a lot, I found it to be one of the only classes where I was truly understanding what was going on. When I got to high school, my love of math changed as I found that I was never able to keep up with what was being taught. After going through the Five Principles, it has made me consider the fact that the reason my love for math changed was that the math teachers I was having weren’t following the Five Math Principles. As the Principles states that we can only handle so much information without practice and that we do better with information in smaller chunks. In high school, I found that information was thrown at us for 70 minutes of the period and then 5 minutes of practicing all the new things that were thrown at us. Looking at the Five Math Minds Principles it resonates with my current views on teaching and learning math because it breaks down math into the way in which I found growing up best to learn, and in a way that I want to teach my students. Math Mind Principle two and three, got me thinking about the amount of work that goes into doing math, I never thought about the brain as an ecosystem or a computer or even as a container

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