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    Alyssa Kovacs

    After reviewing the five Math Mind Principles I have been able to get a better understanding of the different important aspects that must be considered when teaching students math. The information challenged my current views as I reflect on how I was taught math in elementary school. Many ideas referred to in the lesson were not things I felt were executed frequently during my experiences. The idea of treating the brain as a ecosystem is not something I thought about but after learning about the five principles it is clear the importance it is when teaching math especially. I learned about different examples of ways to orient students attention and how to do so effectively while being strategic with lesson structure, duration and individual needs. These principles allowed me to get a better understanding of what important steps teachers need to be mindful of when teaching math as well as important aspects that students should be working towards when learning math (e.g noticing). These important principles will absolutely be added to me teaching tool kit and referred to when teaching math.

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