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    Kristie Brown

    I absolutely agree with the fluidity of our brains and the every changing ecosystem model of our brains. Throughout life our ability to learn and adapt new concepts is always happening and even at the age of 65 people have the ability to go back to school and learn a new subject with little difficulty. It is, as stated in the assignment, the way information is presented and brought attention to that guides ones learning. Remembering from when I was younger and having the teacher fly through a lesson and then expect us to finish a worksheet that this new model of thinking of learning is beneficial. Many students need to pull apart a concept and really practice each step to be able to apply it to future concepts. Once you know how to kick a soccer ball in angled directions you can then apply these skills when planning to shoot a penalty shot. Having math minds break down y=mx +b into simple and easily processed steps, after having not practiced it in a long time, allowed the concept to come back to my memory so effortlessly and gave me a sense of confidence moving forward.

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