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    Rachel Poole

    The five Math Minds principles break down each step to both learning and teaching math in a simplified form. This makes it easier to follow along and make sure that learning is on track! They definitely prompted me to consider how I can adjust and modify them to meet the various needs of different students in a way that encourages and promotes success and enjoyment of mathematics.

    Wendy Drummond

    Upon reflecting on the 5 Math Minds principles, currently in my practice I have evolved into the mini lesson format with my math instruction. Over the past year, I noticed huge difference on how more engaged students were and how I was able to challenge students with more complex skills as the year progressed.

    Mark Burke

    As it relates to current teaching practices in any subject I think it points out the need to have a gradual plan of introducing topics and not overwhelming learners. To introduce new topics in a consistent and strategic manner. Also to check for understanding in a consistent manner.

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